Akachan no Hoppe ~ Midvalley Megamall

Update: Akachan no Hoppe @ Midvalley Megamall has been replaced by Marvelous Egg Co. They seem to have exited the Malaysian market as I’m not able to find them on Empire Shopping Gallery’s directory idea. Oh what a bummer.

Akachan no Hoppe is the newest mochi stall in KL after Mochi Sweets.

They have been here for at least a year I believe?

My sweet tooth was triggered when I read about the launch in July 2013 and I rolled over in August to get hold of these yummy things.



Akachan no Hoppe’s mochi are called mo.cheeks and are meant to resemble a baby’s cheeks – soft and bouncy? I wouldn’t want to eat baby cheeks but these mochi are really soft and bouncy.

DSC_0133 DSC_0134

There are 10 flavors on their menu and at that point in time – it was buy 10 pieces and get one piece free so we had 2 caramel flavored ones. I know the photo is not clear enough to see the flavors but they’re available in their website link below.

DSC_0136 DSC_0187

Our box of 11 mochi came in a nice paper bag and each mochi came in a separate paper sleeve with their names on each sleeve – a very nice touch.

LC and I have ranked the 10 flavours based on what we liked the most and the ones we least liked.

The awesome



The Melty Caramel had a caramel and cream center. The caramel was very strong – it had the fragrant taste and smell of slightly burnt sugar. An absolute favorite!


The Double Chocolate is a chocolate mochi with a chocolate and cream filling. Will definitely be a hit with chocolate lovers.


I like my Green Tea flavored foods with strong kao green tea flavor and this was just that.


The classic Black Sesame turned out the best of the classic mochi flavours.

The okay



The Edamame had a slightly rough texture which gave it some bite. LC doesn’t like edamame so I had this to myself. It was alright as an ‘exotic’ flavour but the paste was a bit too chunky for my liking and the ‘green’ taste of the edamame too strong.

No photo of the Red Bean but it was quite alright for a classic flavour.

The awful



The Jungle Banana suggests that bananas should be eaten on its own, made into a smoothie or eaten with ice cream but definitely not as a mochi filling. The banana flavour tasted too much like flavouring or essence, nothing like the natural taste of a banana.


The Japanese Plum had us wrinkling foreheads and doing funny faces. The sourness of the plum made it feel like the mochi had gone bad. It’s not that I don’t like japanese plums – Choya is one of my favourite alcohols so it’s not biasness that made me dislike this flavour.


The Tropical Pineapple was another wrinkling forehead worthy mochi. I think the pattern here tells you that tropical fruits (like bananas, papayas, pineapples and mangoes) are not the best flavours to have in a mochi. This mochi filling tasted very artificial as well.

The terrible



The downright horrible one for us was however the Strawberry Love. The ‘artificial-ness’ of this was overwhelming. I’m sorry strawberry lovers, I have absolutely nothing against you but this mochi is just unpalatable for us, we didn’t finish this after one bite.

Despite some flavours not appealing to us, all the mochi were soft and had delicate skin which is commendable. I’ve had one too many mochi that was too hard. Akachan no Hoppe still ranks first in my mochi scale (well there’s not much to compare to honestly) as they give you a choice of mochi that are ready for consumption upon purchase or those to bring back home and require time to thaw.

For Akachan no Hoppe’s website, click here!

Other reviews can be found at: Goody FoodiesVenus Buzz and Saimatkong

Akachan no Hoppe’s kiosk is located in front of World of Fengshui, Midvalley on the same floor where GSC is located. It’s also near Muji and the new Midvalley foodcourt.


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