3D Coffee Art at Coffee Chemistry Signature ~ First Subang Mall, SS15

Coffee Culture has been growing steadily in Klang Valley and LC and I are no exception in following this particular trend. So we decided to check out some coffee places that netizens have recommended.

Our first stop was Coffee Chemistry Signature. I didn’t do any research on this so LC is the culprit on why we are here.

Onward to our Coffee Culture Journey!


Coffee Chemistry Signature is bright with modern furniture, quite unlike the usual rustic feel of coffee places.


The white and metal finishings are nice touch to the woody fixtures.


At CCS, their coffee is only made with Graffeo coffee beans so there’s no kopi luwak or Vietnamese coffee blends here. Just their own, one single blend Graffeo.


A look at their menu will tell you it’s pretty standard from lattes to flavored coffee.


However look lower and you’ll catch sight of something very unique to this coffee place – 3D coffee art. We’ll show you what they are later in the post.


For LC and me, the first test for coffee is always a latte. If their latte is good then you can try their other drinks. If not, approach with caution. All their coffee comes with coffee art and a biscotti.

The latte had a tinge of acidity. Yes, it was sour. The taste was very strange to us because usually sour coffee would mean that it has been left brewing for too long.


After a sip of the pretty caramel latte, we concluded that it was in the beans. The same tinge of acidity was evident in the caramel latte as well but not as strong due to the caramel.


One thing about the caramel – it tasted oddly artificial. There was a chemical-like (honestly, the best description I can come up with) odor in it which left us scratching our heads wondering how their coffee turned out so wrong to our taste buds.

We were quite disappointed with their coffee up to that point so I decided to order a 3D coffee art drink, hoping that it will be CCS’ saving grace. Glance at the menu again and you will see a rose flavored coffee, again something very unique to CCS that I’ve not encountered before.


Because it was brunch time, we went with heavy food – I ordered a spicy carbonara, LC ordered a butter chicken rice.

The spicy carbonara (this one was just the cream variant, not the original whipped eggs with bacon version) was very good and surprisingly spicy.


Their butter chicken was an entire fried chicken chop topped with fragrant butter sauce. This was very good as well.

This would be odd to say but I would be back for their food.


CCS is actually a nice lepak place and it’s located in a quiet mall. It would be nice for relaxing coffee breaks. We were the first patrons for the day at 11 am.


Our extra order of a 3D Signature Rose Babycino came with an adorable dog art. Aww doesn’t that just melt the heart?


As you can see the babycino has a pinkish tinge from the rose syrup. In terms of taste, I found that the rose flavor actually counteracts the taste of the Graffeo giving it a better balance. I understand why it’s a signature. LC however dislikes the taste of rose syrup so he didn’t like this.

Overall, I was quite disappointed at CCS for their coffee but their food is good. I would expect to want to come to this place for the coffee so the justification for food is misplaced. But based on the general reviews out there, it seems that LC and I will be the odd minority with a dislike for Graffeo coffee.The 3D coffee art however, is really quite adorable – where can I find another place with this? 😛

Reviews can be found at Open Rice, Oh Fishiee and iamthewitch


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