Hoe Fong Chicken Rice ~ Seapark

Hoe Fong is LC’s favorite chicken rice place. He has been eating this chicken rice all his life and swears that it’s the best chicken rice he has ever eaten. I agree.

One thing to note is that Hoe Fong’s service is incredibly fast. Incredibly fast.

You order as you walk in and the entire process of being served takes about 5 minutes or so. The longest we’ve waited is 15 minutes.

Review 111

Sit down and you’ll be served with a giant bowl of old cucumber soup while your drink order is taken.

Review 112

This is followed by their fragrant chicken broth-ed, perfectly cooked rice.

Review 113

You may have some time to do the ziggy-zag lines of black soy sauce on your rice while the drinks are served by the friendly old man. Have a sip of loh hon ko before the next dish arrives.

Review 115

The chicken liver will usually arrive before the chicken. I don’t eat this but LC loves only Hoe Fong’s version. He will not eat this anywhere else. It’s marinated and fried to perfection.

And after your first few bites of liver, the chicken arrives.

Review 116

I believe the chicken is first lightly steamed and then deep fried, retaining the moisture and smoothness of the chicken. Some light soy is poured over the chicken so it’s not too salty and it goes well with either grated ginger or their tangy chili sauce.

I was impressed when we first ate here and I still am. It’s a family-run business so you’ll see both young and old chopping chicken, wiping dishes, collecting payment and serving food and drinks. The turnover is very fast – it’s a non air-conditioned establishment so people usually eat then go so tables are always available.

Reviews are available at eddyrush, joinme.com.my and masak-masak.


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