cielo dolci ~ Paradigm Mall

Updates 23/07/15: cielo dolci in Paradigm Mall has moved to IOI City Mall. They also have a cafe called Whimsical Gelataria at Solaris Dutamas.

We were introduced to cielo dolci by friends of LC and I, Fern and Josh of Pirana Graphics.

They were quite adamant about bringing us to cielo and we understand why.

Review 130

cielo dolci serves gelato and sorbets with classic flavors and Asian/Malaysian-inspired flavors.

We have tried a lot of flavors so here are what they taste like.

Review 128

Coconut Gula Melaka is currently my favorite with coconut flakes and strings of Gula Melaka and Tofu Fa is like the real thing but frozen. Both flavors are best sellers. The Butterscotch is sinful and buttery with thick strings of toffee while the Salted Caramel is sweet and salty, equally sinful and rich. Both flavors are quite similar and go really well together.

Review 129

They have the ultimate Malaysian fruit flavor -The Durian gelato. Rich and fragrant,  it was all durian minus the shell-cracking and hand-washing. You will still smell like the real fruit a long while after you’ve consumed it.

Review 124

But nothing is more Malaysian than the Nasi Lemak gelato.

Yes, Nasi Lemak.

Review 120

It’s a coconut based gelato with crushed peanuts and toasted dried anchovies. I’m not sure what the ‘sambal’ portion is made of but the combination was exactly like Nasi Lemak! The dried anchovies taste like the shrimp floss in mini shrimp rolls we eat during Chinese New Year. Very impressive. It doesn’t make an appearance much – out of the many times we’ve gone, we’ve only seen it once so do try it if you have the chance!

Review 044

The 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate gelato is super rich and satisfying. More bitter than sweet, it’s like smooth, melted chocolate sliding down your throat. In the cup above is a mixture of 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate and Salted Caramel gelato. Together, they’re a sinful mess which makes you want to swim a thousand laps (but you cross your fingers that gelato really has half the fat of ice-cream).

Review 119

Again, we have the 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate here with the Green Tea + Earl Grey. The green tea and the earl grey is quite balanced in this flavor. I would have preferred a single strong, plain green tea flavor.

Review 141

This is their Mango and Cempedak gelato. The Mango gelato is creamy and rich like real ripe mangoes. The Cempedak gelato is strong tasting with slivers and chunks of lovely cempedak.


Recently we’ve tried more fruity flavors – Strawberry Balsamic and Orange Caramel (bottom left). The strawberry was surprisingly strong and sour – no strawberry flavoring here! – with a slight taste of balsamic. The orange caramel was lovely as well, the orange and caramel went surprisingly well together. We now know that orange doesn’t only go well with chocolate.

The Dark Belgian Chocolate was almost unrecognizable next to the premium S’mores (top) – derived from a Dark Belgian Chocolate gelato base – if not for the chocolate chips, marshmallows and sprinklings of graham crackers. I like the Dark Belgian Chocolate on it’s own, uninterrupted by additional toppings that the S’mores has.


The Hazelnut went really well with Peanut Butter, both having strong nutty flavors. The Hazelnut gelato had nibs of hazelnuts giving it a nice texture while the Peanut Butter was just the opposite with an amazingly smooth texture. I really liked both flavors.


There was an addition of 2 mousse cakes in the fridge this time around, we opted not to try after that 3 cup frenzy. Perhaps another time.

Review 132

The gelato are all actually dense and rich but silky smooth unlike other gelato that I’ve had. The sorbets are not icy nor too sweet. To maintain it’s freshness, the gelato and sorbet are made in small batches, not piled up high like mountains at other gelato stores. We’ve had many cups of cielo’s gelato and sorbet and it has never failed to impressed us. We really look forward to try other flavors that cielo will concoct.

Other reviews available at HungryGoWhere, TheGardenNom and Rebecca Saw.


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