Hakata Ippudo Lunch Sets ~ The Gardens Mall

We had Ippudo Lunch Sets awhile back which gave us a chance to try other items at discounted prices.

The sets are only available on weekdays from 11am to 3pm and entitles you to a main dish, a dessert or side dish plus a hot or iced green tea.

According to their menus here, the lunch sets are still available.

ramen combo set

I had a ramen combo set because I was craving ramen. I ordered a Kani Salad and a Karaka-men.

Review 045

The Kani Salad was very nice. There were slivers of crabsticks among the raw cabbage, croutons and cubed tomatoes. The highlight was of course that they mixed in ebiko so there’s a pop of saltiness with every bite.

Review 050

The Karaka Men was good as usual. The ramen was cooked as per my requested preference.

rice combo set

LC’s rice combo set was something we have never had before so we were quite excited when the dishes were served.

He ordered a Sake Mentai Rice with a Soup Gyoza and Peach Sorbet.

Review 052

The Sake Mentai rice is absolute heaven for those who love mentai sushi. The creaminess of the minced salmon and the cod fish roe was delicious and the flaming made it seem like you were eating a whole bowl of mentai sushi!

Review 053

The Soup Gyoza, I’ve been told is so-so.

Review 054

The peach sorbet was quite nice. It was smooth with no ice crystals.

pork bun

Based on LC’s sister’s recommendation, we tried a pork bun.

Review 048

The mantou was soft and fluffy and the insides were moist. The braised pork had layers of fat so I stopped eating after the first bite and passed it back to LC. LC loved it though.

We were a bit skeptical when Ippudo started adding on non-ramen items on their menu but it turns out they are good at what they do.


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