Double Down Maxx ~ KFC

Unless you are oblivious to social media ads or any ads in general, you definitely would have come across this monstrosity – it’s a burger but it’s not a burger. It’s only a burger if you consider that there’s two layers of something holding something in between.

It’s KFC’s Double Down – now a Double Down Maxx with a piece of hash brown in between 2 Zinger fillets.


New kfc Zinger double down

When KFC released its’ Zinger Double Down in 2012, it was two pieces of Zinger fillet with a chicken strip, sliced cheese, mayo and cheese sauce sandwiched in between. Here are 2 reviews on the Double Down at and Sixth Seal. I didn’t try it because it looked terrifying then.



This time around, I mustered the courage to embrace the crazy amount of calories that the Double Down Maxx has to bring you this review.



As advertised, it was a piece of Zinger fillet, a piece of hash brown, Chipolte sauce, a slice of cheese and another Zinger fillet. The first bite was exciting – the Zinger fillet was quite juicy and smooth being a chicken thigh but as soon as you get to the hash brown, you get a barely there taste of starch with a mouthful of grease.


The chipolte sauce however was smokey with a hint of spice and it was strong enough to cut through all that oil. At KFC Midvalley, the Zinger fillets were too salty and it made the Double Down Maxx experience a salty, greasy, artery-clogging pain. I would have liked the Zinger Double Down back in 2012 but the Double Down Maxx is too much for me.




In the end, I managed to finish one Zinger fillet, avoided most of the hash brown but ate all the cheesy wedges and finished the drink.

I’ll probably never be able to eat this again.


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