Baked Eggs ~ Deliciouslogy Cooks!

I have been cooking quite a bit recently – every Friday, my studying-chef-in-making brother, Justin and I tend to cook dinner to give mum a break. That’s also usually the time we get to play around in the kitchen and take our time to clean up because hey, tomorrow’s the beginning of the weekend!

So I’ve decided to add in a new category to Deliciouslogy – Deliciouslogy Cooks!

To kick off this category, may I introduce you the easiest comfort food of mine: Baked Eggs.

DSC 558

The ramekins used here are from Daiso (RM5 each) and are of a good size for a 1 person serving.

DSC 548

The first try were baked eggs for dinner. These lovely cups have sauteed fresh mushrooms and bratwurst. The little ring of mozarella is to accommodate the main event.

DSC 550

The egg.

Cooked in the oven till the cheese melts and the eggs cook through.

DSC 557

And you get this plate of cheesy, eggy goodness.

DSC 562

Serve it with some light pasta (this one is roasted vegetables and pan fried chicken with pasta tossed in olive oil) and it’ll be just right.

DSC 587

Breakfast baked eggs can be easier and lazier. Instead of cracking a whole egg in, this breakfast treat has eggs whisked with some cheese and poured on top of anything you would like.

DSC 591

Under the eggy crust is baked beans with sliced bratwurst once again.

Mozarella is one of the best melting cheese (also one of the cheapest in supermarkets) and for a crust, cheddar works well. Anything can go into baked eggs whether you want wilted spinach, pasta or rice. So it’s easy and satisfying and pretty quick too!


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