Coffee Chemistry Signature [Revisit] ~ First Subang

This is a quick revisit post for Coffee Chemistry Signature – the first visit is recorded here.


Because Coffee Chemistry Signature’s food made such an impact with us the first time we were there, we decided to have food there again (might as well because we were meeting a friend in the vicinity) and ended up ordering the same food!

The menu has changed quite a bit, the spicy carbonara is no longer an option, I had to ask for chili powder for it. You now pick a pasta then decide on a sauce. I had a chicken and mushroom carbonara pasta. The sauce was bland and the pasta, swimming in the bland sauce! I was doing a little recooking for the pasta – putting in salt and chilli flakes till it looked completely different from when it was served. Quite disappointing!


LC ordered the same Butter Chicken as the last time but the chicken came in messy strips instead of the chicken chop that we once knew. He commented that it was different and not as good as before.


As for drinks, we don’t like their coffee as previously established so I went for a green tea latte while LC had a hot chocolate. The green tea latte gives off a frightening artificial green tinge that even adorable Elmo can’t save. The taste? Even stranger. There’s no strong punch from the green tea powder so it was a major disappointment.


LC’s hot chocolate (probably a Signature Hot Chocolate because of the 3D art) was mediocre too. A kedai mamak Milo panas would have tasted better. The barista still has some mad skill though, we’d admit that much.

Sigh, now the food here is dreadful and the coffee’s not to our taste – what are we to do at this place anymore? 😦


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