Krishna Curry House ~ Jalan SS9A/19, Petaling Jaya

Krishna Curry House was introduced to me by LC and his mum after multiple ravings and we went over one night for dinner. Unfortunately at the time, a number of items ran out so I didn’t get the full Krishna Curry House experience.

The second visit came along after a optometrist appointment at Jalan 222 so here’s the full experience!



Krishna Curry House has delicious banana leaf rice condiments – these are pickled cucumber, stir fried long beans and a potato dhal mixture. This is the very first non-Chinese place which I’ve had well cooked long beans. Their condiments were all good.


The Chicken Varuval is LC and mum’s favorite and I can see why. Tender and full of flavor, it was tasty and delicious.


The Claypot Mutton Curry was pretty good as well. The mutton was cooked well and was easy to pry of the bone.


Krishna’s deep fried bittergourd comes in thin slices and is fried to crisp perfection.


My favorite was the fried ikan bulus (silver whiting) which is picked from their chilled refrigerator and fried to order. With a spritz of limau kasturi, the fish was very refreshing and balanced out the saucy meal.


Krishna Curry House has become a banana leaf rice favorite but it is slightly pricier and out of the way. I’ll never be able to find another good fried ikan bulus though!

Other reviews can be found on The Star, Venoth’s Culinary Adventures, Malaysia Most Wanted Food and JoinMe.


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