Special M&M’s – Birthday Cake | Peanut Butter | Mint

I’m easily fascinated by variations of chocolate found in supermarkets with imported foodstuff and the latest craze was M&M’s!

Curiosity makes me fat!


A quick look at M&M’s website shows you the Peanut Butter and Mint variations but not the Birthday Cake variation. In US, you get to personalize your M&M’s and make orders in 25 different colors, how cool! The My M&M’s and M&M’s for businesses is an interesting customization you can add to events, imagine the impact it would have for weddings or product seminars.


Back to these delicious morsels, out of the 3, the M&M’s Peanut Butter is now quite common. It used to be exclusively sold in airports in big jumbo packs so I’m happy to see the smaller packaging in supermarkets now. The peanut butter is creamy and sticky, very authentic tasting. There’s more peanut butter than chocolate in these but being a peanut butter lover, I’m definitely not complaining.


The Birthday Cake variation comes in only 3 colors – blue, red and yellow and at a glance of the insides, there’s no difference with the normal M&M milk chocolate. But, the taste was intriguing. You taste chocolate yes but there’s this other flavor of what I believe is icing or frosting! It was so fascinating. My colleague liked the taste but I found it a tad bit artificial. But then again, icing tastes a lot like that.


The M&M’s Mint with Dark Chocolate came in shades of green. It tasted like any mint chocolate, a strong fresh taste with the chocolatey chocolate. I liked this combination as well but the dark chocolate was not strong enough for me.


I found out why. It seems like the dark chocolate only coats the outer side of (what I believe is) milk chocolate. I have been cheated! Nevertheless, a good combo.


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