Homemade Pizza ~ Deliciouslogy Cooks!

I have always wanted to make pizzas at home – real pizzas, not those on a tortilla or on bread but with real crust, real toppings and real cheese baked to perfection.

And one day, I finally did!

DSC 1345

My sauce base was tomato for all 3 pizzas, made of sauteed onions and garlic, browned and thoroughly cooked. Then, tomato puree is poured in and brought to a simmer and then topped off with dried mixed herbs and seasoned with salt and pepper.

DSC 1351

What you get is a tasty tomato base that will not overpower your toppings. I mixed in BBQ sauce for the BBQ chicken pizza to give the pizza a slight smokey flavor. Variations for the sauce can include hot sauce for a kick or some thai spices to make it Asian. The combinations are endless.

DSC 1347

The ingredients I used are easily attainable here: crabsticks, deli ham, canned pineapples, a roast chicken leg shredded and tossed in BBQ sauce, fresh button mushrooms, green capsicum and tuna (with a dash of lemon juice and pineapple syrup to kill the fishiness and some mayo for creaminess)

DSC 1349

The task of preparing the pizza dough was left to my brother and he no longer remembers who’s recipe he used but a quick check online reveals very similar recipes and methods by Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver.

DSC 1352

The dough is then left to rest in a cool and dark area then till it expands about an extra 1/4-1/3 of it’s original size.

DSC 1356

Some poking to make sure the dough doesn’t rise further.

DSC 1357

The dough is then rolled out to a circle (attempted circle)

DSC 1358

And holes are poked in it to make sure it cooks through.

DSC 1359

The tomato base is then applied before the ingredients.

DSC 1360

This is an All-In pizza. We threw in almost every ingredient in here beginning with the big and flat ingredients right at the bottom followed by everything else and finishing it off with cheese.

DSC 1354

I used a mixture of mozarella and Bega’s Extra Tasty Cheese. Like its’ namesake, it is a flavorful cheese which melts beautifully on pizza. At RM13 for a 250g block, it’s worth the money and tastes better than any pre-shredded cheese that gets soggy and loses flavor quickly.

DSC 1369

Out of fear that the crust would not cook, the pizza was left in the oven for too long. The tomato base was dried around the edges and the pizza crust became a biscuit-like texture. The dull texture in the photo is pretty evident of an overcooked pizza. It should only sit in the oven till the cheese melts and browns a little, 10 minutes max.

DSC 1361

The BBQ chicken pizza has shredded chicken sitting on the sauce and topped with capsicum and mushrooms.

DSC 1370

This one turned out to have a biscuit-y texture as well. We only realized the error when eating the first 2 pizzas while the 3rd was still cooking in the oven.

DSC 1364

The Seafood (more like Mock Seafood) of tuna, crabsticks and pineapple turned out the most perfectly cooked.

DSC 1373

The cheese had only browned along the edges and the crust still had a spongey bread like texture.

DSC 1371

Overall it was a delicious experience and the cost of 1 & 1/2 ala-carte large Pizza Hut/Dominos Pizza is enough to cover the 3 pizzas made at home.

DSC 1372

Now to learn how to make and cook the crust to perfection (and yes, learn to shape it into a nice circle), vary the toppings and make it even more satisfying overall.

DSC 1374

But really now, who can resist cheese that melts like that even if it’s doesn’t look perfect?


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