103 Coffee Workshop ~ Sri Petaling

Yamcha sessions with besties are rather rare these days but when they happen, good food and good company is involved leaving me with good vibes for the rest of the day.

DSC 049

DSC 012  DSC 013

103 coffee workshop was Jas’ choice. At first glance, the rustic interior is common with typical hipster coffee joints. Offering dishes with a Japanese twist, the menu is extensive – a selection of onigiri, rice bowls, udon and crepe cakes are served alongside all-day breakfast and the all essential coffee.

DSC 016  DSC 011

103 serves coffee 3 ways so do request for a specific technique if it’s to your preference. They also serve cold brew which I didn’t try as I wanted some sleep that night.

DSC 046

There was only 1 table available when I arrived at 6.40pm and only the long table with the high bar were available till 7pm. By then, all the tables were taken up and the cafe was constantly full till 11pm at which they close. There were times when the cafe got quite noisy so this is probably not the right place for a quiet after work coffee.

DSC 005

All the staff here are in their twenties so gaze to your eyes’ content at the eye candy. Service was prompt and friendly though we were unlucky once to get a blur staff who didn’t point out to us the crepe cake glass case when we asked if they serve dessert.

DSC 009

The 103 chocolate mocha was a beautifully crafted cuppa. The chocolate was strong, rich and creamy – a soothing delight after a long day at the office.

DSC 032

Spotted from afar was a carton of Farmhouse milk which I believe adds to the flavorful drink. Yay for good milk!

DSC 018

Greedy me ordered a Sanjuushi – the three musketeers of onigiri.

DSC 020

From right to left, tobiko mayo, sesame teriyaki chicken, salmon furikake

DSC 022

The tobiko mayo, my favorite of the 3 was adequately stuffed with flying fish roe and well-seasoned. The tobiko added texture and flavor with tiny bursts of salty roe.

DSC 029

The salmon furikake had generous amounts of cooked salmon and the furikake added the fragrance of sesame seeds and a mixture of Japanese seasoning.

DSC 030

The sesame teriyaki chicken was surprisingly good as well. I expected a saucy filling but the teriyaki sauce seemed to just nicely coat the chicken.

DSC 025

Jas’ Maneki Onigiri consists of 2 salmon furikake onigiri, tamagoyaki and a salad.  This would be a better portion for a single female though the Sanjuushi gives you more variety.


103 offers many variaties of crepe cakes and we picked 2 flavors – the Mango Peach and Tiramisu.

DSC 038

The crepe cakes were delicious and beautifully made. The layers of crepe and cream were fantastically consistent and there were no dry patches. RM12.50 – RM14.90 a piece is quite pricey (which explains why I didn’t see many people order their desserts) but it’s well worth the fine quality you get.

DSC 043

The Tiramisu had layers of coffee infused cream. The cream and cocoa powder topping gave it a  lovely bittersweet flavor.

DSC 044

The Mango Peach had layers of mango cream and mango peach jam. A little sweet but just nice for the sweet tooth like me.

Cafes serving coffee and Japanese offerings are rare and this probably gives 103 an edge over the rest of the hipster cafes besides good food and interesting ambiance. I would come back to try more coffee and food – both are done well and service is pretty good. I believe that they’re related to “W” Espresso Sporting Club and Monsta Cafe in Johor so if you’re in the mood for a good cuppa in JB, consider these places as well.

Reviews are available at Eat Drink KLmecoffeejourney and Malaysian Flavours among others.


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