A twosome place ~ Seoul

A twosome place was the last place we sat down and had a meal (sort of) so this is the last post in my Seoul journey. I didn’t indicate a certain twosome place branch because I had no idea which branch I was at and they’re everywhere in Seoul, really everywhere!

There aren’t many reviews in English so here are two, here and here.

DSC 749

We had two items on their promo menu, the pat bingsu with tiramisu cake and pat bingsu with grapefruit berry cake.

DSC 750

It came in a set of pat bingsu, a slice of cake and a cup of coffee. As for the coffee varieties you could pick from, I have no idea because I was tasked to ‘chop’ a place while the rest went to order. In the little cup is sweet milk coffee which you drizzle over the shaved ice to give it more flavor.

DSC 751

The pat bingsu was like milk-flavored snow. The ice was very fine and fluffy and the coffee adds aroma to the bittersweet ice. Paired with the tiramisu, it was heavenly. The tiramisu cake was quite good on it’s own with a strong hint of coffee and a layer of cocoa powder.

DSC 752

The pat bingsu with grapefruit berry cake came with a tiny glass of fresh milk, topped with lots of mixed frozen berries and berry jam.

DSC 754

I’m not much of a berry person but between bites of tiramisu, the jam drenched pat bingsu was very refreshing. The milk helped to tone down the acidity of the jam and the very, very sour berries while the grapefruit berry cake had the consistency of a tofu cheesecake, not my favorite.

Between the two, I was definitely a bigger fan of the tiramisu.

A twosome place seems like the typical hipster cafe – date here, study here, have a girly gathering here complete with beautiful Instagram-worthy food photos. Each pat bingsu set is 11,000 won ≈ RM34 so it’s clear that you pay for the ambiance and the seat you occupy as well as the food. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying, depending on your travel budget and your need for hipster photos.

Please bear in mind that most of the time, we ordered 2 portions for 3 people and that some places have a minimum 2 portion policy for 2 pax or more.

Here’s a summary of what we ate during our trip, click the image below for a larger view.


Kindly compiled by my extremely efficient travel finance manager, the excel sheet for the above image is available here.


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