Deliciouslogy : The Science of Deliciousness

Deliciouslogy’s Writer

Audrey, is known as – but not limited to and not in any sequence,

A Food Lover | A Pug Adorer | A Wanderlust |  A Dessert Hoarder | An ACG fan | A Macaron Nommer

Contact her at deliciouslogy[at]  or fill in the contact form below.

‘Deliciouslogy : The Science of Deliciousness’

Is coined by Ezel, Deliciouslogy’s MIA co-owner.

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2 thoughts on “Deliciouslogy : The Science of Deliciousness

  1. Pris says:

    Can i know if you have the telephone number for Restaurant Ampang, the Hainan-western cuisine restaurant (very old & run-down) in Jalan Ampang? I can’t find it even if I googled it. Thank you.

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