Nutty Coco Coconut Ice Cream ~ Ikano Power Centre

Coconut, a common fruit in Malaysia, has only recently experienced a boom in popularity as ice-cream. All of a sudden, everyone wants a piece of it – the most popular brands being Sangkaya and Nutty Coco. I’m a big fan of Sangkaya so every time I get my hands on it, it’s usually consumed quickly without much thought.

However, this is a review for Nutty Coco with claims of being the Original Chatuchak Coconut Ice-cream and nothing screams ‘You Must Try Me!’ like a claim to be the original treat from the streets of Bangkok.

Unlike Sangkaya, Nutty Coco comes in array of combinations from the classics to the downright outrageous.

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A Porkylicious Meal at El Cerdo ~ Changkat Bukit Bintang

We have finally made it to El Cerdo – partially due to this convenient Groupon voucher which offered a RM100 voucher for the price of RM60. LC had been singing praises about the amazing pork that they serve so we were really looking forward to this.

The restaurant was quaint with lots of adorable pig paraphernalia to the extent of cute takeaway paper bags with smiling piglets.

To start off – some bread with smoked ham pate. The fragrant paste with a herb undertone was a surprise for all of us. Rich and tasty, it was a good match with bread. The bread however, would have been better toasted.
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East Awkwardly Meets West at Melur & Thyme ~ Nu Sentral

Melur & Thyme was first and foremost an intriguing and catchy name that instantly tells you that they’re a fusion restaurant. Aiming to celebrate nostalgia, bringing East and West, Old and New together, the menu is a combination of the rather traditional Malaysian Melur and the Thyme twist of the west.

It is located next to Sangkaya on the highest floor at Nu Sentral.

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Cava [Revisit] ~ Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! It has been 58 years since our independence was declared on 31st August 1957.

Old is gold but it’s not necessary to be old to be gold. Cava is an example of a restaurant that’s like striking gold – consistently good food and warm service in a lovely restaurant. My previous gushing about Cava can be found here.

During this particular revisit, we had different food with a different crowd so this short review will only feature items I’ve never had before.


Here’s some beautifully braised oxtail to whet your appetite.

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Johnny Rockets ~ Pavilion KL


Johnny Rockets first set foot in Malaysia in the last quarter of 2013 and have recently expanded to it’s 5th branch in Pavilion KL. It’s very first branch opened in The Curve followed by KLIA, Avenue K and Sunway Pyramid. I considered visiting a branch when I heard of the hype of dancing waiters but their locations were rather out of reach till this branch in Pavilion opened. Unfortunately, the dancing waiters only appear at night so a lunch visit would be rather quiet.


The All-American restaurant was bright and eye-catching with it’s retro diner decor which left me reminiscing my holiday in the US where I had one too many burgers and decadent desserts every night.


Even the straw holder was an original replica of the old days.

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A twosome place ~ Seoul

A twosome place was the last place we sat down and had a meal (sort of) so this is the last post in my Seoul journey. I didn’t indicate a certain twosome place branch because I had no idea which branch I was at and they’re everywhere in Seoul, really everywhere!

There aren’t many reviews in English so here are two, here and here.

DSC 749

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