Souper Tang ~ Midvalley Megamall & an announcement

LC and I hardly have Chinese food in malls as there’s always a better equivalent in a kopitiam or restaurant elsewhere. Souper Tang was an exception because soup rice dishes are quickly becoming extinct in the Klang Valley. If you know a good one, be sure to let me know!

Souper Tang’s impressive variety had us flipping the menu for quite awhile before deciding on a rice dish and a soup each.


To tempt you to read on, here’s a photo that had people drooling on my Facebook.

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Tim Ho Wan ~ Midvalley Boulevard

Surprisingly I wasn’t super excited to try Tim Ho Wan’s dim sum. They’ve been opened for +/- 4 months at the time this post is written. Probably, I’m highly discouraged by the queue so I’m late to join the Tim Ho Wan bandwagon. LC had a taste of Tim Ho Wan with his family and concluded that it’s not that great – there were hits and misses so I wasn’t all that tempted, so much so he actually had to drag me for a visit cause I had never suggested to go.


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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen ~ Midvalley Megamall

KFC, move over. I have a new favorite fried chicken fast food joint.

Popeyes was introduced to me by Jaslyn and Ezel and they swore that I would never go back to KFC after tasting Popeyes’ food.

They were right.

Popeyes logo belongs to Popeyes. It’s not mine, not mine, not mine

Popeyes main site can be found here while other reviews can be found at and masak-masak. Popeyes facebook page can be found here

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