Tryst ~ SS 15

Our search of good pancakes after the meal at Naughty Nuri’s brought us from Breadfruits in Sri Hartamas (who only serves their breakfast items till 5 pm) to Tryst in SS 15. This was based off a list of ‘Best Pancakes in KL & Subang’ that Ezel found online.


Tryst offers an al-fresco and indoor air-conditioned dining with shisha on the al-fresco side.


The quirky side to Tryst had rustic bookshelves, paintings on the wall with a graffiti touch and a lone mannequin in the middle of the cafe. I loved the magazine cutting covered staircase to their upper floor but missed a photo as it was dark.

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Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee ~ SS15

The post on Super Kitchen, SS2 garnered some attention and opinions from friends and fellow chilli pan mee lovers and LC and I were advised to try the outlet at SS15 as they serve the best chilli pan meeĀ among all the other Super Kitchen outlets.

With that thought in mind, we made a beeline for the SS15 outlet one day.

DSC 1392

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3D Coffee Art at Coffee Chemistry Signature ~ First Subang Mall, SS15

Coffee Culture has been growing steadily in Klang Valley and LC and I are no exception inĀ following this particular trend. So we decided to check out some coffee places that netizens have recommended.

Our first stop was Coffee Chemistry Signature. I didn’t do any research on this so LC is the culprit on why we are here.

Onward to our Coffee Culture Journey!


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Super famous Pork Noodles (Ooi Noodle House) ~ SS15

Update 21/3/16: They have a proper signboard now and ‘Ooi Noodle House’ is written on it so they should be easier to locate now.

Another short post. Seems like there are gonna be lots of posts like these nowadays. Simple posts that tell you the food is good. Please eat good food. Haha…

If you have reading from the start that this blog was created (if you were, that is awfully nice of you, thank you so much <3), you would know that this blogger doesn’t eat pork. Well, not much anyways. My neverending complaints of pork smelling porky (it defies logic, I know) and that pork tasted much better when I was younger should surprise you with the fact that I’m writing about pork noodles.

Yes, pork noodles.

Are your eyes wide like this o_o now?

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